BeMystique was created in 2012 by Edyta Kochanowska-Holc, a Polish national living in Abu Dhabi. Although the UAE was Mystique’s physical birthplace, the inspiration came from various cultures and exotic countries.

At first, Edyta became enchanted by the world of gemstones, the rich history of their meanings and their powers. Mystique Jewelry was formed, offering bracelets for her and for him. They are not just fashion accessories, they have healing properties and mystical powers.

Shortly after, Mystique Beach was created. Influenced by native designs and western trends, Edyta started designing her own line of kimonos, which became a huge world-wide hit.

“We believe that every person should stand out and be unique. That is why we love funky colors and designs, and the individuality of each handmade item. Many of our pieces are one of a kind and we place the utmost importance on quality. Everything you need for a fun day at the beach and not only...”